About the Library

The Hatler Memorial Library contains fiction and non-fiction LGBT books and videos. There are currently over 3000 titles on our shelves. To visit the library online, just click on the link at the right. Online use is free to all, no membership or registration required.

To check material out of the library, a library card is required. Members of GALA will receive a library card as part of their membership. Non members may purchase a library card for $5.00.

Library hours are 1:00 PM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Please come in to browse the collection or use the free WiFi. Checkout limits are 8 items, (books or videos), for a period of 3 weeks

For now, Enter the Library and start exploring the collection.

Hatler Memorial Library


GALA Librarian James Kunkler

Sometime in 2005 James started volunteering at the GALA Library, which was renamed the Hatler Memorial Library in June 2006, in honor of longtime supporters and GALA members Jamie and Ray Hatler.

As he recalls, there were approximately 800 books in the library at GALA’s prior location on Los Osos Valley Road. Over the last 9 years, James has overseen the collection of LGBT books and videos, increasing the total to more than 3000 titles, with the vast majority having been donated. The Hatler Memorial Library is the largest collection of LGBT books and videos in the United States housed in a community Pride Center. Collections of this size are normally found on university campuses.

Every month James pours through the many boxes of donated books and videos selecting those that are library worthy and begins the process of adding them to the library catalog. Any duplicates he finds, or titles that are replaced by ones in better condition, are added to the Pride Box. Each year GALA distributes between 100-200 books free of charge during the Pride festival. James thinks he has given away more than 1000 books over the past years.


James Kunkler
James Kunkler